NOW is the time to change the world

Hi I love to share a message with you. And I tell you, it’s quite a story!

More than 2 years ago, the 25th of january 2018 in the middle of the night I was breastfeeding my youngest child. And then suddenly something came over me. And I reached out for paper and a pen and started writing. Withous even really knowing what I was writing. And then I did put the papers away. And that was it. 

But later I remembered that I wrote something important that night. Something that was really something that had to be spread around the world. Had to be shared. The thing is… I wasn’t able to find it anymore! And to be quite honest: yes  it frustrated the hell out of me. While my guidance told me. Relax Leonie. When it’s really needed, you will find it. 

And it became the 20th of march 2020. I was putting my eldest to bed and I heard Metatron. He told me it was time to get this writing and spread it to the world. I was assured that I would find it. And yes I did within a heartbeat. On a place I had been looking for a million times. Tell me.. Isn’t that a miracle?
I did read the words I had been writing two years earlier and it shocked me a little. Here I wrote my misson, my purpose AND a very important message for everybody to hear.

Hi do you have some time for me? Because I have to share something with you. I hope it will change your perspective on yourself and the world we live in.

You see, I have a mission to change the world. Yup that’s a big misson huh, I know! But hey someone has got to do it! 

Do I want to reign the world? Nope

Do I want superpower, want to be a queen? Nope

I just like to shake the system. 

And that’s why I need you darlings. Changemakers, lightworkers, shadowworkers, loving people, well everybody who resonates with this message actually. We can make a ripple. 

Why? I believe we can only make changes by starting with the source. And that’s you, your neighbour, your collegue, your friend etcetera and yes also me.

We can all help just by living authenticly. By loving ourselves. No not in a narcistic way, but by really embodying who we really are. By owning that and radiate that into our world. The world are we. Everyone of us beholds the whole world and on the same time we are one little piece of the world that cannot be missed. Think and feel about it. If we all treat ourselves in a better way, we’ll automaticly treat our world in a better way. If enough people do this, we change the world inside-out. Because then we don’t want to harm our earth anymore.  Than there’s no room for hate anymore. 

People will be healthier and happier. What means we heal ourselves. Or better said: we realise we don’t have to be fixed at all!

All we need is within us. We are allready whole. The world doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s allready whole. So eventually we’ll realise we can stop controlling or better said try to control everybody and everything. 

Control is just fear. And fear in itselve is a good mechanism to show us we are in danger. A warning. But by so much fear signs we feel unsafe always and have no room to blossom, to shine and to be who we really are. And wit hall this fear and control we make our world filthy and unsafe. Because that’s than the only thing we program ourselves to see. So really people: love a little more!

Learn to listen to your inner voice. Take good care of the vehicle you got to live in. Or if that’s to vague for you: take care of your body. No not by doing everything to create a ‘killer body’. No, by listening to what your body needs. 

For example: real nutrition, attention, love, care, cuddles, connection with your soul, movement, rest, meditation.

This will make us all healthier. Our body but also our soul. Because the are connected when living this life in this world. 

Let’s be aware of where we are right now! Use modern technology for the good. We can use social media to radiate authenticity, to help each other out, to send love. 

This all instead of spreading hate and fear by bodyshaming, threathening people because of their opinion and so on. 

We can use technology to clean up the mess we made in our oceans, in our air, our soil. What if we only started by planting a tree for every child that’s born?

We can remember all the knowledge there is about healing ourselves without just putting pills and injections in our system that are really not proven to heal us. We can learn not always to search or go for a quick fix but to learn waht pain and sickness is telling us. Listening what our body and soul needs. Of course we can use western medicine. There’s so much knowledge there! But let we use it where it’s really needed.  Complementary care and medical care together can help uw more than we now experience. 

Yes it will mean less pharmaceutical recepies are being written. It will shake up the whole medical and economical system. But why would that have to be a problem? In fact we would really save money!

Our complete economical system is based on control and fear that’s there’s not enough. 

Well there’s always enough! Certainly when you believe there is. Let’s be honest: money was only invented as a way to exchange. Why would we make money the center of our world?

Exactly… because we believe there’s not enough. And as long we keep believing this, there never will be enough. 

If everyone had and took the opportunity to do what they love and use their talents without having to make money with it, people would be so much healthier and happier. 

Look what we do to our children. We learn them to fit in. In an old system that doesn’t serve them, but just tries to control them. What happened with letting our children be child? We seem to have an idea we need to mold our children in a way so the can survive in society. Why on earth would we do that? That means things will never change. Our children need love and room to who they are. Support to remember their destination, their talents and how to explore them. To take our world to a next level. They are our biggest teachers. Sure we need to give the some boundaries and protect the for some dangers they don’t see. But that’s it! Love them!

I hope this all said, shook something up in your system.

Dear you, I send you love and wisdom from your own source. The universe will always guide you. The universe contains all of us. And the whole universe is in everyone of us. 

Bless you and take care!

And for the love of this world: Share this message with everyone you know!

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